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JB Systems

JB Systems - USB 1.1 REC

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JB Systems - USB 1.1 REC
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JB Systems - USB 1.1 REC
JB Systems - USB 1.1 REC
JB Systems - USB 1.1 REC
JB Systems - USB 1.1 REC

JB Systems
CD Players

CD/MP3/USB Player - 19''

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JB Systems USB 1.1 REC is the ultimate CD/USB player for bars, dance schools, studios, shops but also for DJs with a recording mode: Recording from an external analog source to lossless WAV or MP3 format.



Plays: Audio-CDs, but also CDs and USB-mass storage (USB-stick or hard drive) containing MP3 and WAV-files!

Record function : record from an external analog source to lossless WAV or MP3 format (64k – 128k – 192k – 256k – 320k bit rate), even whilst playing tracks from CD or USB.

Record monitor function: check your recorded signal instantly!

Manual or automatic recording processor: for easy, undistorted recordings.

The alphanumeric LCD display supports ID3V2 tags (song title, artist, album, genre & bitrate)

Full MP3 Playback, supports both CBR and VBR bitrate modes.

Full featured database lookup system: lightning fast selection of the desired tracks while the previous song is still playing! You can search on title, artist, genre, album or simply based on tracks/folders!

Free Windows Track-Indexer software available via download!

Jog wheel for pitch bending and precise 1/75sec frame search, also on MP3

Improved “smart random” function with 2 different modes:

- TOTAL random: plays tracks, randomly selected from the complete USB-mass storage

- SMART random: plays only tracks with certain genre or from a certain artist or album (avoids mix-up of 2 completely different music styles: perfect for bars, clubs, restaurants, …)

IR-remote with loop, speed control, track search/select, volume, …: perfect for dance schools!

Balanced XLR-outputs and RCA/cinch outputs + RCA/cinch inputs for recording.

Anti-shock Memory 20 seconds on CD, 100% anti-shock on USB-mass storage

Seamless loop

Key Lock (Master tempo)

Instant start & auto cue function (-48dB)

Pitch ranges: +/-4% +/-8% +/-16% also on MP3

Full automatic beat counters

4 different speed scan

Reads CD-DA, CD-R, CD-RW

Selectable elapsed, remain and total remain time display

Single/continuous play


Dimensions : 48.2 x 27 x 8.88cm - 2U/19''

Weight : 4,39 kg

Powerinput: AC 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz

Power consumption: 13W

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